From the recording BHAKTI JUNCTION Vol. 1

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Toulat Se Ranni Rosou
Pozdravit Pampelisky
Motyli Pisne Ty Mam Rad
Chtel Bych Je Zpivat Lidem Kteri Se Nechtej
Nebo Buhvi Proc Neumej Se Smat
U Srdci Mi Zni Tue: “Mam Te Rad”
A Ja Jen Jednu Touhu Mam To Rozdavat

Walking Through The Morning Dew
Greeting The Dandelions
Singing The Song Of Butterflies
If Only I Could Sing It For All Those People
Who Can’t Or Don’t Know How To Smile

Deena Bandhu Deena Nath
Meri Dori Tere Hath