Simran Uttam, Manila, Philippines  

My dearest sister Renu, I may be in the East, but my heart is always in the West when I connect with you on Positive Vibes! Thank you for being part of our lives during these difficult times and lifting our spirits via your beautiful bhajans. Love you lots.


Lachu Daryanani, London, UK  

I can’t believe it has been a year when you and I discussed starting this and came up with the name Positive Vibes.  Wish you all the best Angel Sis. 


Anita D, London, UK 

In these uncertain times during the past year, Positive Vibes has been the one constant event that's been our saviour. It has been a “go-to” for reinforcing our faith that we will be fine. Renu's melodious singing along with the deeply meditative Mantras immediately transports me to a peaceful realm. Bless you Renu for all that you do. 

Lavina Hathiramani, Dubai, UAE 

Congratulations Renu on the new website. May u continue spreading your melodious voice to various corners of the world. God Bless You.  You have been so consistent with your positive vibes sessions and it’s always been a pleasure and blessing to be able to listen to your bhajans every Sunday. I was quite regular in the beginning but lately haven’t been able to join, but I do log in whenever I am able to. Thank u so much for uplifting our spirits with your music. 


Renita B, Edgware, London, UK 

Dear Renu, this past year Positive Vibes have provided the only link for many to see familiar faces all be it virtually every Sunday. Your beautiful voice has kept us serene. It has kept us in touch with our family and friends. Thank you and our fantastic friends for making this a reality.  All the best going forward with the website


Sapna K, London, UK 

Dear Renu G. So, delighted about the launch of your website. Your hard work and extreme dedication have certainly paid off.  Your melodious singing has been a joy during these strange times.  Thank you for your mesmerizing bhajans every week. Sai Ram 


Priya (Anita) Nanwani, London, UK 

Many congratulations to you dearest Renu on the launch of your new website. 

A big Thank you for keeping us uplifted and positive with your beautiful bhajans every week. 

May you continue to scale even more dizzying heights of greater success. 

Sai Ram 


Yogeeta R, 

Sai Ram dearest Renu, congratulations on the launch of your website, what a great achievement!! Wishing you more success ahead! Thank you, your beautiful bhajans have been something to look forward to on Sundays for a whole year. God bless you dear. 


Chandru Vatvani, Gibraltar 

Hari Om Renuji 

Thank you very much for energizing us all spiritually during this hard time of pandemic. 

We all enjoy it. God Bless You. 

Ritu K, Gibraltar 

Thank you Renu for always Uplifting our spirits with you lovely bhajans 


Nanu. Pune, India

Radhey Shyam Renu Jee.  It’s been Great staying connected with you and your beautiful voice! Your Bhajans have really kept us spiritually uplifted and Positive Vibes surely is Great! All the best God Bless. 


Michelle Dinani, Colon, Panama, Central America 

Dearest sis Rena blessed ANGEL. Thank you so very much for your uplifting vibrations and inspiration ... really, we reach another level! 

It’s been a beautiful journey: SWAMI continue to BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY. 


Nari Daryanani, London, UK 

Dearest Renu. So very proud of you. From the messages, I assume you must be one of the most popular Sindhis around. 


Jasmine A, California, USA 

Congratulations!  Thank you for what you do, truly inspiring! 


Bharti V, London, UK 

Jai Shree Krishna, Jai Sai Ram Renu thank for connecting me on positive vibes & listening to UR bhajans in this difficult time made me feel good. Thanks again. 


 Roshni Thadani, Mumbai, India 

Hello Renu ji Thank you for inspiring us with your melodious bhajans - you are truly an inspiration! 


Kirtee Parmar, Croyden, London

Congrats we did it! 
I am excited for the next stage of our positive Vibes 👏 Life 
We are proud of you be and your accomplishments We're confident that you will continue with even more successes!  
May our lord showers his blessings 🙏 always upon you! 
Without my new Family of Positive i would not have survived! so selfless with lovely smile serving us all !🌹🌹🌹💚💜💛👌👌👌


Sapna Melwani, Bengalore, India

Dearest Renu you're truly blessed with an amazing voice , that coupled with your awesome guitar and your encyclopaedia of devotional songs makes positive vibes an absolute treat for all of us! Your untiring dedication to bring us all together on the virtual platform every week  is truly commendable! All the world needs today is positivity and your efforts are making a difference! Keep rocking and stay blessed always!! ❤️😘🤗😇🤩


Hiroo, Sint Maarten, Caribbean

Dear Renuji! You are so blessed and we are so fortunate that you volunteered to encourage people - form kids to adults - and keep them in a positive frame of mind during these trying times! It felt like the flowing  Holy Ganges came to us and all we had to do is immerse ourselves and come out anew! Keep up the great seva you are doing and may you always be blessed by Dada! DadaShyam 🙏 🌹🙏


Joshina Viroomal, Gibraltar

Dear Renu, you have been a source of peace to all of us during these trying times.  

Your positive vibes have lifted us immensely. Thank you so much. God bless. 🙏🏼💕🙏🏼





Varsha D, London,  UK  

Renu - what do I say other than - I salute you and join in with the blessings showered from everyone who has enjoyed the melodious voice over the whole year - 100 episodes delivered filled with LOVE, DEDICATION, COMMITMENT AND COMPASSION!! truly it’s been a PILGRIMAGE for us all.


Disha Sharma, Bengaluru, India  

Jai Jhulelal!  Thank u very much for keeping our Sindhi culture alive throughout this pandemic!  

Hats off to people like you who have connected us worldwide and inspired us with your beautiful voice and soul. 


Kajal Bhagchandani, Colon, Panama

Dear Renu, 
Thank you soo very much for 100 episodes of Positive Vibes, a year of uplifting prayers, soothing vibrations and melodious singing! You bring such solace to our hearts and fill our lives with positivity and gratitude, bless you!😊🤗🙏🏻


Varsha P, London, UK  

Renu, you have uplifted everyone with your gift of music especially in these unprecedented times. It has been a blessing for us all. We are grateful for your unwavering love and your soulful voice that has brought us peace in our most difficult times. God bless you.


Dhanu M, London, UK  

All the best with the new website. Positive Vibes has been amazing and it has kept everyone together with such great Bhajans and positivity during these hard times. Thank you Renu. God Bless You. 


Nisha Mirpuri, London, UK  

Dearest Renu.  

Through the turbulent lonely times, your nightingale voice every Sunday brings a beacon of trust faith light and joy into our homes and hearts.  

Your divine hymns and bhajans create virtual celebrations of all faiths and keep us all bonded through the media. May the joy you spread last forever!


Chandru Vatvani, Gibraltar  

Hari Om Renuji  

Thank you very much for energizing us all spiritually during this hard time of pandemic.  God Bless You.


Geetanjali M, Hendon, London, UK  

Hare Krishna dearest Renu  

During Lockdown last year, you gave us a Purpose daily to join and connect with each other and then you started your daily PV. We are eternally grateful to you for bringing solace to our hearts.  Heartiest congratulations!


Manju D, Dubai, UAE  

You kept us spiritually connected through the dark times Renuji.  Thank you so much. Hugs! 


Lakshmi Nandwani, London, UK  

Dearest Renu  

With your beautiful bhajans, you have lightened and brightened many souls... especially through the tough times... May God continue to shine through you. Stay blessed and good luck for your new website. 


Lalita Thadani, McAllen, Texas, USA  

Sai Ram Angel Renu.  Congratulations on your new website... thanks for spiritually energizing us every Sunday. 


Sunil H, Dubai, UAE  

Sai Ram! When you sing, you bring vibrations of love, peace & joy to our homes and hearts. 


Bharti and Niranjan V, London, UK  

Dear Renu Ji, Jai Sai Ram, Congratulations on your milestone of reaching 100 episodes of Sunday Bhajan Sandhya and remitting positive vibes. Your smiling face, love and devotion for singing the variety of lovely bhajans with humble presentation are much appreciated. We love it.  Thank you so much. May God bless you.  

Joshina V, Gibraltar  

Dear Renu, you have been a source of peace to all of us during these trying times.  Your positive vibes have lifted us immensely. Thank you so much. God bless.  


Dr. Kishore Vasant, Croyden, London, UK  

Congratulations on reaching the milestone sister Renu.


Anjana Patel, London, UK  

Sairam Dear Angel Renu. We are so fortunate and grateful to listen to your melodious voice with smile. You are the true reflection of our Swami.  May our Swami shower upon you his blessings to continue this selfless seva which you are doing. 


Shweta Mangharam, Bengaluru, India  

Renu didi, you have divine magic in your voice!  

You bring us close to God when you sing His bhajans and songs, it is so from the heart. Sometimes for days the bhajan is in my head. Feel very grateful and happy to hear you sing and I enjoy the anecdotes that are interspersed with the bhajans.  Dada Bless always.


Pushpa N. Lalwani, Long Island, New York, USA 

Renu thanks for singing such beautiful bhajans . We are blessed to have u sing such amazing bhajans. Love u always. Congratulations ❤️😘


Manju Lad 

Dear Renubhen 
Jai Shree Radha Kriishna 🙏 
Jai Mataji  
🙏🌹🙏 OM SAI RAM🙏 
We are very grateful  to have you as part  of our  spiritual  journey  keep us focus with your beautiful  divine bhanjans melody's and prayers 🙏❤🙏 Thank you for being their.  You are a blessed soul.. 👋🏻💕 yous Manjuben  🙏


Aditya Makhija, Bangalore, India

You have been a bridge to Dada, Positivity  & Good deeds 🥰🥰🥰 have really enjoyed listening to your wonderful Voice  so far and look forward to many more .




Seema Mahtani, North Carolina, USA

Sairam Renu: 
Heartiest Congratulations on your milestone! Stay Blessed to continue thousands of episodes with your melodious voice and soulful singing that literally does re-nu, recharge and energize us with Divine vibrations. Speaking for myself, you came in my life as an answer to my prayers, your singing touching my very core. I’m eternally grateful. Thank you so much for your selfless service. May you reach boundless heights of success and your life be filled with peace, joy & happiness, love & laughter. Many Blessings


Hemma Mirpuri, London, UK  

Dear Renu,  

100 (a Century) of singing Bhajans wow! What a milestone... ! 

You are truly Blessed with a voice of an Angel and Pray it Always stays that way. May your Angels protect and keep you Well and Safe Always.  Your Dedication and valuable time in keeping the Spirits up of the Community in these Challenging times has been second to None. God Bless! 


Jayshree Shah, Bristol, UK  

God Bless, Renujee we all love you so much and wish you good luck!

 Kamu A, London, UK  

Congratulations dear Renu on the new website. God bless you always to continue spreading your lovely voice with melodies Bhajans and Kirtan. I always listen to your beautiful bhajans on Sundays, in positive vibes. I wish you all the success in all your achievements. Wish you all best. 


Chanchal S, London, UK  

Sai Ram dearest Renu,  

Many many congratulations on the launch of your website and on reaching the milestone century – 100 ... a Proud Achievement indeed!  

A big big Thank you for being such a divine and inspiring light to all of us. Your beautiful bhajans have a been the light to look forward to every Sunday. God bless you my dear. 


Sanjana Daswani, London, UK  

Dearest Renu,  

Through the past year, which has been difficult and lonely for many, your angelic smiling face and nightingale voice every Sunday helps brings a beacon of faith, light and joy into our hearts. Your divine hymns and bhajans create positivity and keep us connected with friends and family from all over. Thank you for spreading the Joy and making us a part of it. May you continue to celebrate many more beautiful blessings and success! Congratulations on your website. 


Sonu Mirpuri, London, UK  

Dear Renu,  

Thank you, Your beautiful voice, divine melodies Bhajans, every Sunday, has kept us really connected, and in touch with family and friends during these difficult times.  

Congratulations on your new Website, God Bless you with all the success in your achievements. Love.


Rima R, London, UK  

Thank you Renu for keeping us uplifted during these difficult times. Your bhajans have helped create positivity and kept us connected. Congratulations on launching your new website.  Always stay blessed.


Anita M, London, UK  

Dear Renu, Positive Vibes has been amazing during the Lockdown. It has kept us all connected with each other and I also look forward to your beautiful bhajans. Congratulations on the launch of your website and wishing you every success ahead. 


Renu Mansigani, London, UK  

Loving Sai Ram dear Renu, Thank you for uplifting us with your devotional, mesmerizing bhajans and imparting serenity, joy and peace of mind through it’s ‘positive vibrations’. Your dedication has been invaluable for the community during these challenging times.  

Stay blessed, vibrant and keep shining your inner light. Namaste.  


Lalita W.  London, UK  

IT'S A MILESTONE RAYNE, well done! Here's to the next one!  


Sangeeta M, Gibraltar  

Good luck Renuji we always had great time with your singing and been in contact with the Lord and Gurus.  


Sajan & Pushpa Bhavnani, Long Island, New York, USA

Thank you Lord for giving us such a wonderful soul.  God please always bless her and always grace her with your love and happiness always.

Sai Ram & Radha Soami
Love ❤️


Kavita B.

Aunty Renu  
You are truly amazing and have the voice of an Angel . 
A huge thank you for all you do and giving us these Positive Vibes 💕xx


Ritika Wadhwa, Bangalore, India

Dearest Renu di. Thank u so much for the divine voice and bhajans 🙏 the positive atmosphere you always create 👏👏👏 just amazing ❤️ God bless you


Muskan Jagtiani, Virginia, USA

Dear Renu ji, 
Thank you so much for 100 episode of positive vibes and by singing with your melodious voice to be positive all the time with your prayers and blessings. 
You bring such joy to our hearts ♥️ and soothing vibrations to our soul as if we are in Haven with an Angle of God.🙏🥰❤️😘🌷💕🙏 
Lots and lots of ❤️ 


Harish Popat, London, UK

Dear Renu 
Thank you so much for Sunday Bhajans. You are doing a great service to the people in this difficult times. 
Jai Sai Ram 


Bharti & Niranjan Vasant, London, UK

Dear Renu Ji 
Jai Sia Ram 
Congratulations on your milestone of reaching 100 episodes of Sunday Bhajan Sandya and remitting posititive vibes.  
Your smiling face, love and devotion for singing the variety of lovely bhajans with humble presentation are much appreciated. We love it. 
Thank you so much. May God bless you




Positive Vibes is definitely a fabulous virtual initiative!

I would like to share a testimonial about RENU GIDOOMAL as a music teacher. 

I have been fortunate to learn music from you Dearest Renu Didi. It was a blessing to have you with us in Bangalore around 8 years ago when I heard you and got to spend time with you for the first time.

You very patiently taught me the basics that really helped me build my foundation in singing.

Borders and time zones didn't hold you back from sharing your knowledge. Zoom classes with you are so enriching!  Your teaching methods are really innovative, precise and logical that even tough songs become easy! T

hank you for sharing tips and tricks that I can apply everytime I sing. You're an inspiration and anyone would be lucky to learn music from you! 🎤🎹♥️🤩😘



Weekly singing lessons with Renu are a joy.  Not only am I learning how to listen and really hear sound for the first time through understanding the technicalities and subtleties of the voice, I'm having so much fun doing it. Singing classes are a highlight of my week thanks to Renu's positive vibes :-) xx



Learning hindustani music with Renu is a real joy.  
First you are guided with simple vocal practice that builds to become evident progress in tackling more challenging scales and songs.  


I have found it easier than I thought with her guidance to learn a new language combined with Eastern musical theory.  

Renu has that special  ability to adapt everything to an individual’s abilities and teach in creative ways.  Her style is fun, lively and brimming with happiness.  

Renu is gifted teacher who can bring out the best in others and from the soul.  I highly recommend a course of vocal study  
with Renu as I have found her classes  effective, excellent and transformative.



I would highly recommend singing lessons with Renu. Especially if you are constantly being asked to sing and you find yourself saying no. She not only enhances your confidence but also looks at the singing voice holistically helping you to release any blockages. A very thoughtful and unique approach to teaching you how to sing.